In 1897, Theophile QUERRE, creates his own Négoce Company. In 1909, he buys his first vineyard in Pomerol. His sons, Daniel (1906-1973) and Christian (1909-1973), will take the succession.

In 1957 they decided to create their individual businesses, doubling this dynamic which has re inforced the impact of the name and the QUERRE’s’ signature as well in France as abroad.

In 1973, their respective oldest sons Alain and Michel took the succession of both companies.

In 1995, in order to optimise their growth and give more power to their position on the market, the two Companies decided to join themselves and to found only one QUERRE Company under the management of Michel QUERRE.

In 2007, Michel QUERRE sold his Company to René VEDRENNE from Libourne.
A new story starts with a new organization.

Always looking for the best relation price-quality, permanently at the disposal of its customers or its respresentatives, here are the main characteristics which allowed to this entirely family Company, to climb up, and to count among the major suppliers of the European and French top restoration.

With a Team of 60 representatives Company Michel QUERRE is regularly expanding due to a precise management and a supplying policy based on close relationships with winegrowers. Present on the major countries consuming Bordeaux wines, The Company is developing its implantation abroad in different countries.

Trenty other selected Châteaux are exclusively distributed by the Company in addition to a complementary range of different Chateaux and Grand Cru.

QUERRE : a wine range which is worth to discover !

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